Detox Capsules
How to Pass a Urine Drug Test
Supreme Klean Fast-Flush Caps
Supreme Klean 1-Hour Fast Flush Capsules begin working in one hour and are effective for up to five hours. The Fast Flush capsules work as a flushing agent to cleanse your body of all unwanted drug metabolites allowing you to pass a urine drug test. After taking the Fast Flush capsules, individuals should be prepared to urinate frequently. This detoxifying product temporarily speeds up the urinary process during which the body releases the drug metabolites. Capsules remain effective from 1 hour after consumption up to 5 hours depending on metabolism and level of toxins in your system. Once the effects of the capsules have worn off the individual will continue to test positive for drug metabolites. This product is not reccomended for users of THC or Benzodiazepines.
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The Stuff Chewable
The Stuff Chewable is the latest in body detoxification and does away with all of the drinks, juice detoxification, liquids and the like. You can now do a natural body detoxification simply by chewing these tasty chewables. These detox cleansing tablets work in 40 minutes and are effective up to five hours, they also come with a money back guarantee. These work ESPECIALLY great on Amphetamines and other water based drugs. Not recommended for THC or Benzodiazepine users.

How To Get The Best Results: Do not eat or drink for 4 hours before use, and avoid any unnecessary medication in the 24 hour period prior to taking the detoxification pills. For the best results take the pre-cleanse Body Cleansing Detoxification kit the day before eating the tablets. On the day of the detox, eat the Stuff Chewable tablet (all of it) with 24 oz. water. Wait 15 minutes before another 24 oz. of water and urinate frequently. The effects will be in place within 40 minutes.
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