Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test
If you’re wondering how to pass a hair drug test, or looking for a hair drug test kit then you’ve come to the right place. Passing a drug hair analysis is easier than you might think when you use hair follicle shampoo specifically designed to eliminate drug metabolites and traces in hair. You’ll find all the information you need pass a hair follicle drug test as well as loads of other information and products to help you pass some of the most common types of drug tests including blood tests, drug testing by saliva and urine tests.

Hair tests for drugs measure not only the types of drugs and toxins in your hair, but can also determine how long ago the drug or toxin was in your system. The longer the hair, the longer the record. Drug testing hair technicians are supposed to only take 1 ˝ inch of hair from the scalp, a drug testing hair sample which will give a 90 day record, however often mistakes are made, and more hair is taken—so you need to make sure all your hair is clean.

Using our specially formulated hair follicle shampoo will ensure all your hair will pass a hair test. We also carry a range of other products to help pass a drug test including synthetic urine to help pass a drug urine test or else you can use a temporary detoxifier to help you stay clean for 5 hours. If you need to take a saliva test, don’t fret, wash with our Ultra Wash mouthwash and you saliva will be toxin-free for half an hour. We can also help with total detoxification which permanently, and quickly, rids the body of drug metabolites.
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