Pass a Blood Drug Test
Want to know how to pass a blood drug test. Blood testing for drugs is the least common type of drug screening. Expense is a major reason behind this fact, as is the level of skill required to take a sample, keep it fresh and get it analyzed. It is also a very invasive for of drug testing. Unlike other form of drug tests, like urine drug screening, or hair follicle drug tests, blood drug tests measure the amount of actual drug in the system, not drug metabolites or residues. Blood drug tests are therefore typically used to measure current states of impairment, such as at an accident. In some cases to pass a blood drug test may be tricky, especially with oil soluble substances such as THC or Benzodiazepines due to the fact that you may test clean and then positive all without use. This is because oil solubles bind with fat cells in the body and get released into the bloodstream when you burn calories.

If you know you have to beat a blood drug test one of the best things to do is drink plenty of water to help the body’s detoxifying and cleansing process. A detox program is a good way to cleanse your system so you can pass a blood drug test.
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